Snickers the Calico Cat

Hi, my name is Snickers.  Life started out a bit rough for me but, I was adopted by two caring, loving people who have given me the life I've always dreamt of.

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Kitty On A Mission

The One Eyed Cat

No one is exactly sure what happened to our Snickers eye. We went to the adoption center nearly every weekend for months seeing many cats come and go. One day, we walked in and started reading the profiles of all the cats in the room. The moment we looked down through the glass of the door, Snickers was sitting there looking at us just like this. We knew we had to take her home.

Living the Life

Now, living in paradise with everything she could ask for. Snickers quickly became acquainted with our bedroom. The moment she hopped on the bed for the first time, her little paws would knead into it over and over. Her favorite spot is a rolling chair with her favorite blanket and a heating pad underneath.